CDC Bios (Who we are!)


Matt was a Mercedes mechanic – he knows what ‘being on the spanners’ is like. He uses this knowledge and insight to gain rapport with the mechanics he now manages. Together they discover their preferred way of working, what motivates them and how both the mechanic and the dealership can get the best deal.

Using NLP techniques, Matt can help your workforce to be happier and more productive. He can increase staff retention and employee loyalty and purposefulness.

If you want to live a happier and more fulfilled life – contact Matt

If you want your business to thrive and grow with happy staff – use the contact form and Matt will get right back to you.


Clare has many years of experience as a brilliant child minder – achieving an Ofsted grade of ‘Excellent ‘ on more than one occasion.

The biggest difference she has found to helping the children in her care achieve the best they can is to find out what motivates them. Using Motivational Maps she has gained greater understanding of now to encourage children in her care to learn in a way that is right for them.

Imagine if you knew what would help your own children to achieve the most they can in a way that they love – how much more fun that would be.

Contact Clare if you want to find out your own motivation and adjust your own learning.

And if you would like to help your child to be a happier and high achieving learner – fill in a contact form and Clare will get back to you.


Marion was a nurse for many years and most recently has practiced as a health and wellbeing coach. Using techniques from many disciplines Marion helps you to focus on your goals and works with you towards achieving them.

Marion specializes in helping woman who are victim / survivors of coercive control – helping them to understand what happened and to regain a sense of direction and meaning in their life.

If you are facing decisions in your life, whether it is to do with a difficult relationship or a change in direction, get in contact with Marion. She will work with you to help you to gain clarity on the way forward.